Design Services

With over twenty years of experience as a jewelry designer, Kirsten Paniccoli has created thousands of design concepts for every echelon of the jewelry market. This includes bridal, couture, fashion, novelty, mid-tier, mass-market, fine and costume jewelry. She is adept at harmonizing artistry and commercial viability to create salable jewelry for each unique target market.
Kirsten approaches each of her commissions with a commitment to positive collaboration, fresh creativity and excellence. Each idea begins with a pencil sketch for concept and evolves into a multi-view technical drawing that is fuly executable by a bench jeweler or CAD designer when handed off for production. Hand drawn designing in the jewelry industry is becoming an increasingly rare art, particularly for the masS-market manufacturers but for those who excel at it like Kirsten, it is the fastest, most flexible and most productive way for creators to develop complex and innovative new jewelry for an affordable investment. Kirsten is also well-regarded as an effective and adaptable collaborator. Her exceptional cross-category experience has given her the training and perspective necessary to adapt any of her technical drawings according to the unique requirements of different manufacturing methods and materials. For more information about Kirsten’s freelance design services, please contact Kirsten at: